Monday, 23 August 2010

My inital reaction to e-books was that I didn't think I would ever what to read a book on a screen but with devlopemnt of e-book readers , i-phones and i-pads my view is changing. I don't think I would ever read more that a page or two on an i-phone they are just too small, but I popped into the apple store and played with an i-pad and suddenly it seemed much more feasible. I don't think think I would change the way I read novels (in bed, in the bath, by the pool etc etc) but to be able research on a laptop etc and be able to dip into a chapter here and there must be so much more convenient than lugging a sackful of books where ever you go.
Just spent an interesting 40min with an Anne and Eileen Following that Journal. Wow I didn't realise how complex it is to to either obtain or to cancel a title. It seems unfortunately that libraries are at the beck and call of the publishers who in these lean times are after all the profit they can get. It seems crazy that we have to continue to take journals that are no longer relevant and are unable to obtain those that are. It was good to be reminded that there is more than just registering journal issues as they come in. Ordering , payments, cataloguing and claiming all require time and expertise.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

I have listened to podcasts before. Its really useful to be able to listen to stuff when you like and not be dictated by specific times and places. It must be really useful for health professionals and students to be able to plug into lectures etc when they what to listen. You also have the option to listen again. I listened to a BMJ podcast on sedentary behaviour which I found really interesting. It suggests that 30min exercise a day does not guarantee cardiac health if the rest of the day is spent doing sedentary activities, It suggests several way of increasing physical activity during the working day - including 'standing meetings' using email less, and putting the remote control out of reach!
It also gave references for further reading.

Thoroughly enjoyed library 'away day' to St John's College Library. As I said to Isla before we went ' its always nice to see whats behind the door' . I have to admit I wasn't expecting quite such a large door! The library was much larger than I expected and contained such a wide variety of material from 'Batman' DVDs to 15th century manuscripts. There were lots of nooks and crannies to hide away and study in - some a bit dark and gloomy but others really light and spacious. I particularly liked the reading rooms set aside for the law students with views over the masters garden and the courtyards. Interesting to hear that they are doing away with their computer room because it is under used and that the students want it to be replaced with more study areas and not more relaxed comfy seating areas as had been suggested. I don't envy the bookshelver though - having to cover three floors! Also how nice to have your own book repairer tucked away in the basement and a chap that comes in specially to hoover the special collection! I think everyone would like to have the job of Fiona the Biographical Librarian, tracing and keep records of all Johonians past and present. The atmosphere and scent of leather bounds volumes in the Old Library really gave the library a sense of history. Apologies that it brought on the ILL cough! Fascinating to see the handwritten shelf lists at the end of each book case. Many thanks to Katie for her informative and interesting guide around the library

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Google maps gives me three routes varying in distance from 7,6miles, 8.4 and 11.8 miles. Interestingly they all should take 24 minutes! Its only 6 minutes longer by bike! It gives me two walking routes one of 5.9 miles and one of 6.2 both of which should take me about two hours.Bing just gave me one route avoiding the city centre and using the M11 which was 11.4 miles and should take 20mins

Nice to to see the washing out on the street view of my house -proves I wasn't sitting in the garden drinking tea although the neighbours were out having a chat on the driveway!
Thought I would have quick peek at our holiday destination and found some empty deckchairs ready and waiting!

I have used google maps before to get directions which is pretty useful NOt sure about streetview though - It feels a little bit spooky! I did have a go at trying to map my own cycle routes but gave up 'cos it seemed to have a mind of its own and wanted to whizz me down the A14 to certain death!

Friday, 16 July 2010



I found this newsreel of King George V opening the UL via google videos which I thought was pretty cool . Initially I thought You Tube was for all those weird and wacky people that liked to post films of themselves doing weird and wacky things - at least that was all my children ever showed me and I never really bothered to investigate further. I think it is still the case but there is so much more! I had look at Cambridge University and found some really interesting lectures such as this one below:

With all these things its taking your time to sieve through the material to find what you really need (and fun finding things that you don't!)

Yippee! Take That have just announced they are touring again with Robbie Williams! Had such a great girlie day out last time can't wait to go again. Just thought I would relive the last moments - aaah it brings it all back!