Thursday, 29 July 2010

I have listened to podcasts before. Its really useful to be able to listen to stuff when you like and not be dictated by specific times and places. It must be really useful for health professionals and students to be able to plug into lectures etc when they what to listen. You also have the option to listen again. I listened to a BMJ podcast on sedentary behaviour which I found really interesting. It suggests that 30min exercise a day does not guarantee cardiac health if the rest of the day is spent doing sedentary activities, It suggests several way of increasing physical activity during the working day - including 'standing meetings' using email less, and putting the remote control out of reach!
It also gave references for further reading.

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  1. rats - so I can't placate myself with the idea that a quick cycle to and from work is enough to offset the cake and couch lifestyle.. darn it!