Saturday, 24 July 2010

Google maps gives me three routes varying in distance from 7,6miles, 8.4 and 11.8 miles. Interestingly they all should take 24 minutes! Its only 6 minutes longer by bike! It gives me two walking routes one of 5.9 miles and one of 6.2 both of which should take me about two hours.Bing just gave me one route avoiding the city centre and using the M11 which was 11.4 miles and should take 20mins

Nice to to see the washing out on the street view of my house -proves I wasn't sitting in the garden drinking tea although the neighbours were out having a chat on the driveway!
Thought I would have quick peek at our holiday destination and found some empty deckchairs ready and waiting!

I have used google maps before to get directions which is pretty useful NOt sure about streetview though - It feels a little bit spooky! I did have a go at trying to map my own cycle routes but gave up 'cos it seemed to have a mind of its own and wanted to whizz me down the A14 to certain death!

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