Monday, 23 August 2010

My inital reaction to e-books was that I didn't think I would ever what to read a book on a screen but with devlopemnt of e-book readers , i-phones and i-pads my view is changing. I don't think I would ever read more that a page or two on an i-phone they are just too small, but I popped into the apple store and played with an i-pad and suddenly it seemed much more feasible. I don't think think I would change the way I read novels (in bed, in the bath, by the pool etc etc) but to be able research on a laptop etc and be able to dip into a chapter here and there must be so much more convenient than lugging a sackful of books where ever you go.

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  1. ah-haaa - a potential iPad convert, eh?
    some libraries are starting to loan out iPads already ( - there's an english translation at the bottom)
    wonder if/when we'll do that here...?